Come to the Feast of Divine Mercy!

St. Mary of Czestochowa

Calling all Catholics to the Feast of Mercy on the Sunday,

April 11th! at 3:00pm

Did you know that the Lord said that this feast would one day be the “last hope of salvation”? Have you considered what would happen to you if you suddenly died in the state of mortal sin? Did you know, that in the 1930’s, Our Lord Jesus, Himself, requested through St. Faustina, that a very, special Feast of Divine Mercy be established, in His Church, and solemnly celebrated, on the First Sunday, after Easter, every year? In the Jubilee Year 2000, after many years of study, Saint Pope John Paul II fulfilled the will of Christ by establishing this special Feast of Divine Mercy, in the Catholic Church, and gave it the name “Divine Mercy Sunday”! By God’s Providence, Saint John Paul II died, on this feast, in 2005.